Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Flag Football

Dominic is playing flag football again (they have it spring and fall). He's improved quite a bit since last spring. He's having fun getting to be the center. He snaps the ball.

Dominic has scored several touchdowns which he gets very excited about (so does Sean!)
Also, Sean is the coach. There have been several times where Dominic says, "I'm glad you're my coach dad."

Sean can play a little bit of tough love on the football field and its doing Dominic some good. Sometimes when I'm around, he can expect mom to step in and play referee (my fault, I know, we're working on it!). On the field though, he answers to his coach if he wants to play the game.

Also on the team is Bryson (Catherine's brother) and his dad (Levi) is helping Sean to coach as well. So far, its been a fun season and its been really neat to watch Sean coach the little boys. He's extremely busy with our business and his job, but he's taken coaching on with so much enthusiasm. He is very competitive (meaning he still doesn't like it when they lose) but completely understands that these are little kids and the best thing right now, is to give opportunity to play the game.
It was pretty chilly and Michael only poked his nose out of the blanket now and then.
Sean named the team The Grizzlies, after Dominic's Dad's team in Alaska. Dominic thought it was a great idea and was super excited to let me know the name of the team. When Dominic told me about it, his exact words were, "Its only fair since my Dad in Alaska can't coach me, that we can just name the team The Grizzlies instead."

Cuz, its only fair. =) He's so cute.
Penny ran around with Stella. She even ran across the field once and got in the way of a touchdown (not that it stopped it from happening, just that she could have been trampled). Good job Penny.

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