Thursday, November 18, 2010


So, I had made some clouds for our Young Women In Excellence night and they looked so fantastic! Our theme was "Forever Excellent" and we tried to make the front look heavenly. It turned out really good. The whole night was good ....and I forgot my camera (but my friend brought hers and I'll get pictures from her).

Anyways, so I had all these clouds and thought that they would look cute in the kids room. I love cloud watching outside and these looked like minature "the real thing." Dominic and Penny like them a lot in there and I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see them too.

Oh cumulus, how are you?

Not too many, just a few to add some flare. It actually makes their room feel a little smaller, but we like them anyways.
Oh, and I guess you haven't met my curtains yet. I finally put up a curtain rod and curtains in the kids room about 5 months ago. This time of year the sun is really heavy on that side of the house so it has been really nice to have them. These red ones stop right at the bed there (I had to hem them) but they block out all the light so if I close them before the kids go to bed, they don't even know when morning comes! (Dominic doesn't like that and will often request on the weekends that I leave it opened so he can wake up earlier).

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Celia said...

I love clouds! These look so real!! I painted some on my ceiling as a teenager... didn't look very real...