Friday, October 01, 2010

Pinewood Derby!!

This was Dominic's first year doing the pinewood derby. So. Much. Fun.

He and Sean built this car in the last couple days and put on the finishing touches that night. I think the paint was even still a little wet. It was a great learning experience and I think they both (Sean and Dominic) walked away with a few ideas of how they want to change it up for next year.

Isn't he a handsome cub scout?
He got 3rd place for the wolf den and an award for BEST IN SHOW.
Afterwards he was sitting in a chair looking at his car, award and ribbon and just tickled with glee said, "I love getting ribbons." We were so proud of him and he was cheering on his friends too. Such a fun night. His friend Andrew got 1st place overall

The racetrack was amazing. It was all electronic and the computer figured out who raced who and each car would race the same 4 cars but on different lanes before switching to the next heat. The finish line told you how much time it took to cross the finish and which car got what place. Pretty cool. Nothing like the wood one I remember at home. =)
I was talking to a few younger girls (17 and 13) that night and I mentioned that once we got all the coat of yellow paint on Dominic's car it started to look a little Dick Tracy-esque. Both girls look at me and said so innocently, "Dick Tracy? Who's that?" I had nothing to say but, "wow, I just aged myself."


momhirt said...

you know they are so much fun because they never get tossed. we still have all of the cars that all of the boys made out in boxes in the garage. i should get a glass covered case just for PD cars!! good memories.

Katie said...

you should mom! their kids will want to see them soon enough. =)

annie said...

He is such a cute scout! :o) I loved the PD. It's so fun to see the boys get so excited about it. WE had great leaders when James was in it and that made all the difference!