Monday, October 04, 2010

Mommy in Training

Penny LOVES to hold Michael (So does Dominic...heck, we all LOVE to hold Michael). In this position she's actually quite good at it. She'll burp him, talk to him and even bounces him a little (supervised of course!). She's not quite ready to babysit yet, but I'm counting the days till she can! *wink wink*

He's just so deliciously chubby. As Denali would say:
I okay Love okay Him okay
Here are Dominic and I on the computer learning about the California and Alaska state flags for cub scouts. You can tell that he takes this ALL very seriously.

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The Mattesons said...

Penny with Michael is just way too cute and his chubby little cheeks...injustice want to eat him!!! And the pic of you and Dominic at the computer for cub that what I have to look forward to?! Hunter just got into cub scouts and LOVES the two whole meetings he's been to!!!