Thursday, October 21, 2010

Michael, Michael Bo Bichael

Michaels second tooth came in a few days ago. I love the little toofer grin.
I also loved the hood on this jumper. It was made well (normally hoods on baby clothes are a joke).

He learned his spitting trick from his uncle Spencer I think (my bro). Spencer's stupid human trick is that he can let out a string of drool, taller than he is, and then suck it back up. Its amazingly disgusting. Go get em Michael. This is actually his blowing air face. I love feeling that little stream of air.
This little grin has us all smitten.
He is my happiest baby by far!! (and my other babies were happy).
To explain the title:

Penny is a little bit obsessed with the me, mi, mo song. Take any word and say

Penny, Penny Bo Benny Banana fanna fo fenny, me my mo menny, Penny.

She does it ALL . DAY . LONG
With whatever word she is thinking about it. Sometimes with a few words strung together like

Its cold outside, Its cold outside, bo bold outside, banana fana fo fold outside, me my mo mold outside, cold outside

We had a great time last week after her friend Tucker came over and she started singing.


Merilee said...

lol. That's too funny. I'm always worried about that with that song!
Michael sure has a cute grin!

Holly said...

Michael, out of all the things you could learn from Spencer, you picked that?! Really?

Love the grin, so cute!

annie said...

I like the new layout of your blog with the photos down the side... super cute.