Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Last night Penny's personal prayers went like this:
"Thank you for our family and for healthy and strong. Thank you for the prophet. Thank you for Wonderpets that we get to watch and the princess movie. Thank you for the prophet in our songs. Please help us sleep. In the name in Jesus Christ, amen."

-just wanted to remember her cute words for always and forever.

Another cute Penny-ism:
She was talking on a fake phone to someone and handed it to Sean.
Sean said, "There's NObody there Penny."
To which she replied, "There's YESbody there."

She was found nursing her baby yesterday. What amazed me is her perfect form and that she was rocking left and right with the cutest facial expression. It was one of adoration for her little baby, the same face I probably do when I'm nursing. Even when we noticed her, she just sat there and nursed away with all the love and concern a little mommy has.

She and Michael played on the floor. He mostly swatted at her face until he got hold of a lock of hair. Not so fun for Penny.


Cristin said...

That's really good. Luke used to mimic me using the breast pump. He would grab it off the drying rack and put it to his belly button.

Holly said...

I love her prayer, so cute. What a good little mommy, she can come babysit the boys anytime:)

The Wiseman Life said...

So So cute! What a sweet and honest prayer. I love how she was nursing...to hilarious!

momhirt said...

it is no wonder that she tries to be a good mama because she has such a good example! i never can get over the hair....