Saturday, October 30, 2010


Dominic had a substitute today at school. The sub (Mrs. Hayden) is a friend (Michelle) of mine from our previous ward. He always likes it when she is his sub. Today she told me that Dominic was the only one at 4-square today and so he asked her if she would play with him; she obliged. They played for a few minutes and then other kids started to show up and fill in the other squares. Dominic introduced Mrs. Hayden to the other guys and then said quietly, but still loud enough for her to hear, "play easy on her guys, play easy on her." I just about died laughing when she told me.

Penny has been loving all our Halloween loot. Since Halloween falls on the Sabbath this year, we are skipping out on the festivities for that night since its not an activity that will bring us closer to Christ on his day of rest. However, we've been enjoying all the pre-Halloween activities just fine. We went to Sean's work on Wednesday and trick-or-treated around to all the cubicles (I love this because its Sean's time to shine. He's so proud of all his kiddos and I love hearing him introduce them to his friends at work). We got a lot of candy on Wednesday. Then today we trunk-or-treated at the church (pictures later). Anyways, yesterday Penny was eating candy

all. day. long.

Good, get it gone. But still, at some point, enough is enough. I was upstairs and she was downstairs with Daddy and asked if she could eat, "this one." He told her to go ask Mom and so she trudged up the stairs and asked me. I said sure. She went back downstairs and found another piece she wanted to eat in her pumpkin and proceeded to ask Daddy again and he again told her to ask Mommy. She trudged back upstairs and asked me at which point I said, "no, thats enough."


She went back downstairs, found a DIFFERENT piece of candy out of her pumpkin and began the process again. Again, I told her, "No, thats enough." She came back downstairs, fumbled through her pumpkin, and found one more piece of candy that she wanted to eat. This time she went up to Daddy and said, "Daddy, don't tell me to go ask Mommy okay? Can I eat this candy?"

How can you say no to that?

Okay sorry, enough wordy posts already. Trunk-or-treating pictures to come tomorrow.


Jaime said...

How funny! Good for Penny - she figured out how to get what she wanted. :) I love it!

Jenna said...

That is hilarious. Penny's no dummy! I definitely would not have been able to say no to that...or keep a straight face. Kids are the BEST. :)