Saturday, October 23, 2010

Apple Hill

We are very fortunate to live 15 minutes from heaven, Apple Hill. I never knew that there were so many delicious kinds of apples until I lived here. Picked straight from the tree, the apples flavor is amazing (go figure!).

This time of year is their harvest festival time with craft booths and hay rides and APPLE DONUTS. Apple donuts are amazing cake donuts with apple chunks and cinnamon in the batter. TO . DIE . FOR .

Here are Dominic, Stella and Penny trying to budge that pumpkin at the pumpkin patch.
He made it budge, but that was about it.

Penny went on a pony ride. It was awesome. She wasn't scared at all and her little pony was so cute. She was in heaven.
At one point her pony shook his head for a few seconds. She giggled so much and told me how her pony was shaking. She kept reaching down to pet his mane. The ride lasted quite a while and consequently, so did her smile.

There was a little wooden train to play on that they had fun with. She and Stella kept ringing the bell.
Face painting! This was Penny's first time ever getting her face painted and she loved it.
I picked her this teeny little apple from above our car. We got to park in the apple orchard between t trees.

All the trees had been picked already so I let Dominic climb away and see if he could pick a few that he could get to. He REALLY liked that. I can't wait to have all kinds of fruit trees someday and send him out to pick me my produce.

We love apple hill! Last year I canned some peaches that I purchased up there. So amazing. We are finally getting to the last few jars and it was so perfect to be able to eat them all year (and share with family and friends). I plan to can a bunch more this year.


momhirt said...

that looks like a great fall outing.

Sean said...

Unfortunately I missed it because I was at home putting in a new garage door opener, kitchen faucet, and a toilet.

Julia Harps said...

looks like fun and you such cute kiddos!

Jenny said...

We went and did the pumpkin thing with apple cider and apple cider doughnuts also! Funny. I am just way behind in posting. Hopefully this week I will get caught up.

It looked like a ton of fun for the kids!

The Wiseman Life said...

Looks like so much fun. Love the fall and the crisp weather...and those are some enormous pumpkins.