Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whats happening to my tomato plants??

So, I was excited to have tomatoes this year after my sad, sad attempt last year. I have gotten quite a few but not as many as I should have due to our weird weather this summer (unusually cold which was nice actually). A few days ago I noticed that all my leaves were gone from the top of my plant when I went to water it. I thought an animal must have finally found our plants and decided to snack at night.....but it would have to be a deer....which I found odd since we're not up against a greenbelt at all.

Look at my sad, sad tomato plants. I was inspecting the nibbles tonight when I spotted my problem. Do you see them?

Two big fat caterpillars.
I decided since its the end of the full blown tomato season anyways, I'm going to let them eat my 3 plants. A caterpillar/butterfly is so much more interesting than a tomato anyways. I can't wait to see if they make a cocoon.

I wanted Dominic to pretend he was eating the caterpillar. He said, "no way!" He was a little grossed out by them and timid to touch them, but HE DID touch them. Penny touched one too, but it took a little coaxing.
Isn't he cool? I was surprised by how big they are! I just didn't know. =)
Am I lame that I'm disappointed that this caterpillar is most likely just....*sigh* a moth? I was hoping for a beautiful butterfly like the book I've been reading since I was an eency weency woo woo.


Sarah said...

You probably know this by now, but they are tomato hornworms. If you want tomatoes next year, pay D. a dime for each one he catches. Enjoy the metamorphosis!

LeMira said...

I've also planted marigolds around my tomatoes. That's really helped with the bugs/worms this year.

Julia Harps said...

we used to step on those when we were little and we lived by the stenbergs. they are so huge! I agree that they are more interesting than tomatoes at this point. :) I am going to look them up.

Katie said...

I did not know what they were. Thanks guys. I've never had them on my tomatoes before (being that its only the 3rd time I've ever planted tomatoes). I never liked them until about 5 years I love them.

Sean said...

You love worms or tomatoes?

Katie said...

always a funny guy in the group.

cambridgeclan said...

Those are tomato worms for sure. My dad used to have me and my sister hunt for them with him. They would find a new home in the garbage can or under a shovel:)