Thursday, September 23, 2010

So-Cal Visit

Let me start off by saying how many times I typed Dominic's name instead of Michael in this post.............what is wrong with me?!!! =) I think I fixed them all.

We went to Southern California for Labor Day Weekend. Sean's brother lives in the San Diego Area and I have 2 brothers and a sister in the Mission Viejo area. It was a really fast, but fun visit. We wish we could have stayed for a few more days, but and school were waiting for us back home.

On the way down we had to pull off for a potty break on an exit off the freeway (sometimes there are bathrooms and sometimes its good 'ol mother nature!). Dominic has ALWAYS been one to pick me flowers. He picked this sunflower for me. It was also the first time he's ever seen a bee with pollen on its legs, so we got to talk about the pollen and where they get it and what they do with it. Nothing like a teaching moment on your potty break.
Happy Cows do NOT come from California. Don't buy into the commercials. They are still overcrowded and stinky. This is the worst part of the drive. Thank goodness for the washcloths.

When we got to Dusty's house (Sean's brother) there were LOTS OF BABIES. Brody was almost 2 and then the twins are 4 days younger than Michael. There was so much chaos going on that we never got a picture of all the kiddos in one place. But we did get some of all the kiddos:
Here is Sean holding and feeding Jack.
Me holding Michael (my hair was especially nice that day, I don't know what I did to it. Ever have those days?)
Penny and Brody. Dominic had Brody so riled up that he and Penny really couldn't play because he was just too excited and intense. It was really funny though. Right after this picture I wanted one of them hugging.....which turned into Brody tackling Penny. Couldn't help but laugh.

Brody chasing Dominic. They had a lot of fun. I guess Brody woke up the next morning and the first things out of his mouth were, "Where's Dominic?"
Penny running Abbie to Grandma's house (its a game we play; pump their legs like they are running and say, "run, run, run to Grandma's house")
Penny and Jack
Michael in their swing-ish type seat. The ears were super cute on it.
Michael discovered the exersaucer while at my Brother's house. This is JUST like the one we had when Penny was a baby.
Jon made this slide in his back yard. The kids were all over it! Sayler, Owen and Penny had a blast playing together. Sayler has a trundle bed and was all kinds of excited to have Penny SLEEPOVER. Owen had Dominic sleep in his room too. It was lots of fun to see Jon's kids, its been almost 2 years since we've seen them last.
My brother Nephi was showing Sayler and Penny all the new apps on his phone. J/K, I think he was showing them how to record videos and then they would watch them. Everybody likes Nephi.
I have smore on my face? Where?
My brother Jon got a drum set for Christmas a few years back. The boys had a blast with it.
Penny thought she would try out the toys too.
Funny faces with Dad.

Penny's head kept falling over on the way home so I jerry-rigged it so that it wouldn't flop forward. Yes, thats my swimsuit. Whatever works right?
I wish I could share ALL the pictures. Dominic stayed over at my sister Julia's house one night so that he could spend some time with his boy cousins there. They had A BLAST. I don't have any pictures of any of that (because I was at my brothers house). We also went swimming but our hands are always full at the swimming pool anymore and we didn't get any pictures there. Miss Callie is so super cute too. She's one month older than Michael and they are about the same size!

We had lots of fun with our family this weekend. Lets do it again soon!


howellblog said...

Looked fun! Fun to get away. Love the Happy Cows comment. I'll have to show my dad. He laughs at those commercials too. (He's a dairy farmer in Utah)...

Eva Jane said...

ug, I wish I could have been there! All those kiddos are getting so big..