Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random pictorials

Sometimes Michael is just so soft and squishy when he falls asleep that I hate to put him down. I wub him.

Our three kiddos. What a good lookin' crew!
Penny likes to play in the crib with Michael sometimes. She enjoys the 49ers mobile as much as Michael does (HE LOVES THIS THING).
Penny has not lost her mommy touch. She loves to hold Michael. Yesterday, I caught her "checking" to see if he had a poopy diaper. She loves to burp him. A few days ago she and Michael were taking a bath and she was kissing and mugging on him and said in a voice you use only when talking to a baby, "we're so glad you're in our family Michael. We're so glad." Moments like those just melt my heart, because we are so glad and thankful for this little (BIG) blessing....and she knows it too. Michael makes her just as happy as he makes me.

There have been a few times in the car where Michael will be fussing and then suddenly stops. At first I used to ask, "did he fall asleep?" I know better. Now I ask, "Penny, is he sucking on your finger?" She knows just how to soothe


Britty said...

Oh my goodness, I say "I wub you" to Clarkie all the time! So cute. I adore the photo of him on your shoulder. That is the absolute epitome of bliss.

Julia Harps said...

so sweet.