Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Random Pictorials

On Sunday's, Penny doesn't get a nap because church is right in the middle of the day (1:30-4:30). So, after dinner she crashed on Dominic watching a Sunday Movie. She was out for the night. I love this picture.

Before church they turned my living room upside down making forts and building things. This kept them busy for hours! It was so cute. I remember making forts with the couch cushions and blankets ALL THE TIME growing up. It was so fun.
It's THAT scary in the fort.
Dominic got this blue frog in Alaska (sing; I'm in love with a big blue frog, a big blue frog loves me...) It has become kinda like his body pillow. Plus, it makes for great this one of it licking Dominic's shoulder while he is happily dozing away.
One day it dawned on me that we need to put Michael on the floor more for tummy time and back time. He sits in his bouncy seat or the swing, but doesn't get much floor time. Till last week anyways, now he gets plenty. =)
Progress: This was a week later, just a few days ago.
He LOVES this moose. It is really a GREAT toy. It crinkles, squeeks and has a bell in its foot. Its a great teething toy and he just loves it. He's often eating its nose.

Have you heard of silly bandz yet? Oh my, what a fun idea. They are basically stretchy bracelets in different shapes. Anything really.....all types of shapes. We've had a lung, dragons, farm animals, cars, dolphins, bunny's, ducks, ice cream, princess, cheerleaders, sharks, guitars, shoes....anything you can think of.... it has a bracelet.

Someone gave Penny a pack after I had bought her a pack and she has been in heaven with them. She puts them all in piles on the floor by color and then proceeds to put them on her are in a rainbow pattern. I did not help her with her rainbow.

We just KINDA adore him.

Sean's Grandma Matteson just turned 95! Happy Birthday Grandma, we sure do love you.

I put a ponytail on top of Penny's head and fell in love. Such a pretty little girl.
For some reason I love this picture.....not sure what the face was all about but it still makes me laugh, almost to tears.
My handsome, GQ Dominic.
I love this shot that captures both the ponytail in the back and the smile on her face.
Dominic wanted to display all his lego guys and spent probably a hour or so in his room getting it just right.
Michael still drinks ONE bottle a day....about 4-6 ounces....around dinnertime. Its been kinda nice to have my hands free at that time. The other day though, I looked over and Sean had the bottle balanced under his chin and he was on the computer. I told him that if he wasn't going to enjoy Michael while he ate, that I would take him back and feed him myself. Michael was just STARING at Sean and he was missing it.....the look of adoration while they nurse is so special to me and Sean was missing it. He immediately put the mouse down and finished feeding Michael and realized how cute this little guy is when he feeds. He just "studied" Sean and Sean studied him too ....... I LOVE this picture.


momhirt said...

lots of great pictures. thanks for the update. i love you guys.

Spencer said...

I've been caught doing the chin-move a number of times myself.

Eva Jane said...

Dominic is one handsome man
Penny's pony tail is much too cute
I want to chew on those Michael legs

Great pictures!