Thursday, September 09, 2010

Lake Oroville Fleming Reunion: CAMPING

Again, playing catchup. These are from mid-August. Sean's Grandma Matteson is a Fleming. They have their reunions every 5 years. So, this year was the year and it was a lot of fun!

Setting up camp:
While I was off looking for a hammer to pound a few stakes into the ground (for the pop-out doggie compartment that Dominic wanted to sleep in), Dominic found a big rock and pounded them in himself. Thats my cub scout!
Dominic was out in like 3 minutes that night. He ALWAYS falls asleep fast.
While Penny takes hours sometimes. So fun (you can see Michael sleeping in the car seat in the bottom right corner).
Morning mahem. We were all a little slugish. Worst nights sleep I've had in a long time. =)
Michael slept fine though.
Penny wanted me to pretend to sit on her. She loves this game.

She walked around collecting rocks and getting really dirty. Thats what camping is all about Penny, keep it up.
Dirty, dirty, dirty. Add a little water and you get a little more dirty.
Dominic read some on Friday morning. He's loving the Harry Potter book. I let him start the 2nd one but am going to make him wait to read the rest. He is just starting the second one here in this picture. Also, his alltime favorite apples are Golden Delicious Apples.
So cute, just eating her asian pear.
Colleen let Dominic join her in a few rounds of scrabble on her phone.
Some horses waltzed by (people were riding them) and we walked out to say hello. They loved my apple core.
Eh? This one made me laugh.
And this one made me smile. I love him. He sat in the carseat only a little...there were so many eager hands that wanted to hold him.

The Matteson group:
A water fight ensued. It was pretty intense. We see you Doug!
Penny loved the "curls" that were rainbow colors (from Gma's birthday presents...she turned 95 and so we had cake there too).
Handsome Daddy.
The cake was so good, I had 2 pieces but wanted to have like 4.
Do you think he plays hard? Check out the bottom of those shoes.
Wrapping up the last night there. We didn't stay the night the last night. We stayed until people started heading for bed and then drove on out (we packed up while it was still light). Penny's favorite person there (besides Great Grandma) was Tesla. I think she liked how her name sounded (and she was a really sweet girl). Tesla is in blue.
Just starting to get dark:
The kids started smores not long after birthday cake. What? Two desserts is totally legit while fact. Smores are a good breakfast dessert too while camping. hee hee.
Home Sweet Home.


Sean said...

The best part about the horses is Penny actually got the courage to touch one. It was real quick, but she touched it.

Katie said...

Oh, thats right! I forgot about that. =)

Spencer said...

I am jealous of your camping adventures... maybe next year we might take on the challenge.

Jenny said...

How fun! I love camping with kids. Nathan and Abby were both little (Nay almost 4 months and Abby 1 month) when they started camping. It looks like it was soo much fun! Thanks for sharing such cute pictures!