Saturday, September 11, 2010

Going, going.....GONE

I couldn't have planned that he was going to do this if I had tried. He had his whole fist in his mouth in the car and so I took a picture.

It started to come out a little so I took another picture

Then he hooked his cheek and so I took another.
And his arm fell down and that was that.....he didn't even flinch. He was out cold. Nothing like munching on your whole fist to put you to sleep.


Britty said...

Love it! He is making me want to go back to bed!

momhirt said...

he is so soft and squishy looking. i can almost smell his sweetness. good boy, michael.

Lisa said...

Whatever it takes!

Julia Harps said...

sooooo cute! and yummy!

annie said...

HA! I love it... I mean HIM! :o) I want to snuggle that boy to sleep... delicious!