Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sacramento Zoo (mid August)

We went to the zoo with mom's club a few weeks back and I am just now catching up to blogging about it. Its a small zoo, but has some neat animals. It was a free day (if you brought school supplies). The zoo is actually 5 minutes from our old apartment in Sacramento.

I love the contrast in this picture. These fish were big and the light inside the water made it so you could see them so clearly in their murky water. Penny stood here for about 10 minutes before we headed over to the Kangaroo's.
We were kinda on a time crunch when we went and so we seperated from the group (big groups at the zoo is always hard because everyone needs to go to the bathroom at differnt times, stop at different times, etc. I found that venturing off on our own after a while lessened the need for people to stop for me). Anyways, good thing we did because we found a stray child from the group. She was just hanging out on this alligator (eeek....oh wait, he's fake) eating her sandwich. So scary...but yay! She was found. Good thing mom had called me that morning from her cell phone so I just called her up.
I love this shot.
You have to be careful because the turtles can be quite deadly right? Yes, she was even timid around the slow moving turtle (I mean the snake I could understand...but the turtle?). She's funny.
She tuckered out in the first few minutes during the ride home.


Ali said...

That last picture of Penny is AWESOME!

Sean said...

The Folsom Zoo was by our apartment?

Katie said...

Oops. Sacramento Zoo.

Jenny said...

Penny is making me want to go to sleep too! So sweet with all those curls!