Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All Things Michael

Michael turned 4 months old on the 19th!!
At his appointment they said everything looked great. He weighs 18.6 pounds (95th percentile) and was off the charts for his height and head circumference (Penny's head was off the charts too...we make oblong heads which does't look good on paper). He wears 9-12 month clothes. He's rolling over from back to front and making raspberries. He talks and smiles and laughs. He can hold a toy and swat at things that hang above him. He wakes up happy. Michael LOVES bathtime and enjoys kicking his legs and turning his head to lick the water.
The other day I was working on things and came around the corner to find this:
I guess Penny was worried that if Michael ever got lost that she wanted to make sure that he got returned as well.

Other news: Michael is officially eating solids once a day. He's just not satisfied with how much milk he gets and sometimes seems starved by 4pm (again, why I was feeding him a bottle a day at around that time). Once he turned 4 months, I then started feeding him rice cereal. A few days later he downed a whole container of squash and a few days later he downed a whole container of mixed vegetables. Go get em Michael.

NONE of my other 2 kids have liked baby foods. Michael just doesn't seem to care what goes in his stomach as long as its food. He's just like his mama!
Yum Yum!
While we were at Jon's, their baby had her exersaucer out and Michael LOVED it. So when we got home I got ours out of the attic (thanks Liz!) and washed it off and plopped him in it. He was in heaven. He loves that he can be up and playing and squeals and slobbers for hours.
I found a kitty, but has anybody seen Michael? Penny loved this.
I know its not in focus, but I love his arms, hands and LIPS in this picture. He loves to munch on blankets, washcloths or CLEAN burp rags (actually, he doesn't care about the clean part, but I DO!)


momhirt said...

he's definitely a growing concern. such a big guy. thanks for the great pictures.

Nikki said...

So squishy! So cute.

Julia Harps said...

I think I like his arms too! The stickers by penny are so cute and dominic looks nice and crazy!

Eva Jane said...

I can't believe he is 4 months old and I haven't been able to chew on him yet... Tell him to be ready at Christmas (you are heading to soca right?!) because I'm going to be all over him!! He is cute!

Holly said...

These pictures are great, he's so delicious! I wish we lived closer so we could enjoy his squishiness in person. Impressive eating skills, Michael, keep it up. :)