Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lotus Park

The day Grandma Hirt went home was quite hectic. I had forgotten that Sean had a dentist appointment and so I had to take all 3 kids with me in the car to the airport. The airport is 40 minutes away, so it was 80 minutes in the car round-trip. Which is no big deal as long as Michael isn't crying. He started crying as soon as we got to the airport and pretty much cried the whole way home. I stopped at one point to nurse him, but that only stopped the crying for 5 minutes more afterwards and then he started up again. At one point he was crying so hard it upset Dominic and I had to explain to Dominic that he just wanted out of his car seat but in order to get him out, we had to get home. That he would be fine, he just was letting us know how much he wanted out. As hard as Michael was crying, I almost felt worse for Dominic, because he was trying so hard to help him not cry and I know how frustrating that can be.
My sweet, sweet boys.

So, needless to say, when Sean called me in the car and asked if we wanted to go to Lotus Park that night and invite some friends I didn't want to go. I was a little stressed out and the thought of going somewhere else was a bit overwhelming at that moment. Sean said he thought we needed to go anyways. So we did, and some friends met us there. It was fun.
I roasted marshmallows for smores over a heat cell. Wish I would have gotten pictures of that but, it worked....and on a day like that, it was all that mattered.

I asked Penny what her favorite part of the park was and she said, "riding the seahorse." Thanks Levi for pulling the girls.
The rapids. I found some yummy blackberry bushes near here. I picked a few handfuls and the kids and I ate them. Yummy yummy.

The boys kept pretty busy splashing eachother and wading in the water.
It really was pretty. The water was low until the "bubble" from the dam made it to us. I guess rafters ride the bubble down and it gets there around nightfall. It got a little deeper and deeper as the night went on but never was TOO DEEP. It was perfect.
This is where Michael hung out while I made smores. He was pretty chill. He's such a good baby.
These girls kept BUSY. Their sand castles were pretty sad (it wasn't really sand....) but they were proud and that was all that mattered!

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