Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm eating why not blog

Reading a book to the two little ones. After I was done with this one, I read it again, only it was the board book instead of the mini book. Penny likes that she has two books that are the same story. =) Michael actually already enjoys looking at the pictures in a book. He gets really focused and excited and will follow the pages when I turn them.

He LOVES his thumb and he makes so much noise trying to find it. Its so cute how little they are when they can find their thumbs. We rarely need a pacifier because his thumb is always there. =)
We got a new vaccuum that has a good filter in it (right up there with the Kirby's, which was what Sean wanted). Our other one was super old and everytime we vaccuumed, our house stunk like the vaccuum (it had a particular smell...I don't know what it actually was). I love canister vaccuums because it is so easy to go from cleaning carpets to cleaning kitchen floors. They also don't tip over on you when using the attatchments (seriously, I used to get so mad when the vaccuum would fall on me). Our old vaccuum was a canister vaccuum and I fell in love. Am I spelling the word vaccuum right? It looks funny.
I cannot get enough thumb sucking pictures of this LITTLE guy. Both Sean and I sucked our thumbs when we were little.....except, I didn't stop at being little. I think I sucked mine till I was 8 or 9 at bed time. =) One of my thumbs is skinnier than the other....its the one I sucked on.

Annie, do you recognize these jammies? You bought them for Dominic when he was a baby. =)


Julia Harps said...

thumb sucking is so cute but you need an orthodontist friend! :)Michael looks so snuggly. I love your hair. It's tempting me. hmmmm.

Katie said...

I still have very straight teeth even after thumb sucking for 8-9 years (though, I have a little bit of an overbite) with no orthodontist.......

but if need be, can we just befriend your orthodontist in Vegas? =)

Yani said...

Sooo Cute!!! thanks for letting me held him the other day.

Vicky Shawcroft said...

Babies look so cute sucking their thumb at that age.