Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hot, hot hot day

Oh, my. We had a few HOT, hot, hot days. It got to be 108 degrees on this last Wednesday so Sean and I decided to put our Season passes to the Folsom Aquatics Center to one more use. Dominic brought a friend along to play with and since school is in session (we went after school was out) there weren't as many people there. It was probably the funnest day we've had there. Its too crowded in the REALLY too crowded.
This was Michael's first time getting in the pool water all summer. He enjoyed it and kicked and kicked and kicked. I didn't want to put sunscreen on him though, so we just stayed in this part of the pool where the shade was.
Michael is so much thicker than my other kids. He has a barrel chest.

Dominic and Davis swam around and dove for things. They had so much fun together, I'm pretty sure they were worn out by the time we left.
My friend invented another kind of nursing cover. I don't ALWAYS use it, because I've found that by the 3rd, I'm a lot less concerned about it. However, Michael is a very MESSY eater and I often find myself spraying milk everywhere and leaving myself EXPOSED. TMI? So, this cover has been so nice because I am completely covered, front and back/top and bottom. Its especially nice at the pool where I am extremely uncovered when nursing.
See how big he's getting (Michael)?
He is such a happy baby. He gets so happy, you can tell he just wants to wiggle out of his skin.
Pure muscle

Penny was jumping into the pool with Daddy. She was being such a goof saying, "one, two, three!" and jumping with her arms in the air. When she got out she would stick her finger in her ear to get all the water out. At one point she ran up to me to show me that her hands were all "sprinkley."

Getting some air time with Daddy. I wanted him to throw me in the air but he wouldn't. I love the look of pure joy on his face.
Splashing Daddy

I'm not sure what gang signs they are flashing, but they sure had fun swimming together!
Cleaning the water out of her ears.

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