Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bed time

This is what Penny does in her bed at night for close to an hour, sometimes more. Even if we tell her to turn off her light and do nothing, she just talks and talks and talks. This way, she's at least developing a reading habit. She LOVES to read and every night I have to go in and take all the books out of her bed. This picture looks pretty tame, some nights I take close to 20 books out from around her. She stuffs them under her pillow and over the edge.

Her favorite books right now are:

The mini version of Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You See?
The Berenstain's B Book
Micky Mouse Clubhouse (in picture)
Grouches (a sesame street read along book with CD)
Duck on A Bike
Goodnight Gorilla

Dominic started reading Harry Potter a few nights ago. He's already on page 40 and loving it. He wanted to read it last year, but I didn't think he was ready for it.........perhaps he was all along and I'm just holding him back? We'll see. When he finishes it, it will be the longest book he's ever read (He's usually around the 150 page books).

He started school on Wednesday. He has team teachers, meaning he has two teachers that trade days. One teaches Monday Wednesday and the other teaches Thursday Friday and they switch Tuesdays. They have the reputation as being the nicest teachers in the school........which hopefully still translate into pushing the children to work hard and do their best. So far, he's loving 3rd grade!

Michael did his first laugh today. See video below. We all love this baby so much! It was just yesterday that I said that laughing must be right around the corner. Yay for milestones!


Julia Harps said...

soo cute. funny how he can go from laughing to staring like nothing happened. hehe

annie said...

SO CUTE!! I love baby laughs... Sean's baby voice is pretty funny too, by the way. :o) HAHAHA!!

momhirt said...

such a cute baby. and penny. and good for dominic.

Nikki said...

LOL. Eli loved watching this!That laugh is amazing. I've never heard a baby with such a low voice but it's sooooo cute! So I'm guessing his first words will be "cwazy boy"