Thursday, July 08, 2010

Yesterday in Review

There has been A LOT of this going on lately. She loves to hold him, and is pretty good at it. This outfit of Michael's says "mane man" and makes me laugh. I love it on him.

Someone has been reading a LOT of books lately. There was a whole other pile of books under the slide by her bed too. She just loves to read and read and read.
Matching nails is fun. I had a pedicure done 4 weeks ago and they did flowers on my toes. I saw how they did them and easy! So, we did lots of flowers yesterday. Penny really likes them and shows them to everyone she can.
I seriously have a million of pictures like this. They all make me smile.


Sean said...

His thighs are as big as Penny's.

Jenny said...

What sweet pictures. Brin is in the reading stage too. Trips to the library 3 times a week. Reading the same book 20 times...

That Michael is looking cuter and cuter with every post!

momhirt said...

i agree with sean! that boy barely fits on penny's lap.