Thursday, July 08, 2010

A day at the Pool with Addie

Penny's friend Addie is moving (without our permission) to Utah at the end of the summer. We are so sad about it because Penny and Addie have had so much fun playing this year. Suzy (her mom) and I did swaps babysitting so that we could go into the classroom once a week. So, when plans for camping this weekend fizzled, we pounced on the opportunity to go to Folsom Aquatic Center (we have passes for the summer!) and bring Addie along with us to play. Sean had the day off otherwise, it would have been impossible.
Ring around the Rosie
Boys kept running through and getting the girls wet, which would make them come running for cover.

Stop for lunch! I love this shot of the two of them just watching while they eat.
Addie kept doing poses. She's so really, she was posing.
For about 15 minutes Penny and Addie played this game where they would run into the water (about 10 feet into the water), dip their hands in and then run out and stamp their hands on the dry ground. The handprints were cute but the funniest part to me was how far into the water they had to go to get their hands wet.
It was a long day and both girls tuckered out on the way home and fell asleep. Thanks for the fun day Addie!
After Penny woke up from her late nap, we washed both cars......much needed!
I like the reflection.
And apparently when you wring out a sponge, your have to twist your body also to get the full effect.
It was a fun day....and Michael pretty much slept through it all.


The Good Life said...

That looks like so much fun!

annie said...

Brenna has the EXACT same swimsuit!! :o) I love water parks with kiddos. Looks like fun.

howellblog said...

So DANG cute! We smiled HUGE when we saw these! Thanks for taking Addy- she loved it. We will miss you guys a lot! I'm afraid they'll forget each other. We'll have to keep up on your blog so next time we come visit, they'll know each other. Thanks again!