Thursday, July 15, 2010

All smiles

Michael is a really really good and happy baby. He wakes up in the mornings, just as happy as can be. He also LOVES getting his diapers changed. As soon as we put him on the changing table he starts smiling.

I love this picture of he and Daddy smiling. Though you can't see Sean's face, you can tell by the wrinkle on the side of his eye and his high cheek that he's grinning from ear to ear over this guy.

Taking care of two babies. She's so quick to go to Michael when he fusses and try to figure out what is wrong, even if she is in the middle of taking care of her other babies.
Babies everywhere!
Not mom's LITTLE tiger...its mom's BIG tiger. I love that his chin is just a presence of a half circle under his mouth.
She loves to look at her curl.
I love the face from both of them. This was right after Penny finished telling Michael, "That's our mommy over there Michael. She's really nice." hee hee.

Dominic left us a note on his mirror. I was instructed not to go in his bathroom until he left town. I haven't erased it...I can't. He was learning cursive at the end of the school year and LOVES to practice anytime he can.
I love when babies sleep like this with their butt in the air.

I remember one time when I was 3 waking up like this and being SO COMFORTABLE that I didn't move for another 10 minutes or so. I then remember never being able to get that comfortable ever again, though I would try and try and try.


Lisa Loo said...

I love this post!

Julia Harps said...

all those pictures were so cute! love the baby smiles.

Merilee said...

Everything in this post is so SWEET! I love Dominic's message, Penny's cross eyes, and Michael's bum stickin up. hehe. My favorite is when you pick the up under their arms and they scrunch up and hold that bum sticking out position. So cute!
Did you get the DVD's?

Katie said...

Yes Merilee, I got the DVD's. Thanks for sending them back!

I LOVE it when they scrunch up into that position also. Usually their hands are balled into fists and twitching along with it. Its the best.

Nikki said...

Exactly what Merilee said (except i haven't sent you any dvds)