Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2 Month Mark

Hooray! We've made it to the 2 month mark. For me, 2 months is a big milestone. I've usually started to figure out some sort of schedule with my child and can (attempt to) plan my day accordingly. We've had some great days planned out just to the T with being in the car, and nap/feeding schedules. And, Michael is now sleeping through the night.
Last night he slept for 9 hours...and I slept GOOD, and had the drool marks to prove it. hahaha....TMI? He drank milk (I pumped) from a bottle the other day, no problem. So far, he's a pretty dreamy baby. His smiles melt me.
This caught me off guard when I saw it. I laughed out loud.

We went to the library for an activity a few weeks ago and they did beads and made necklaces and bracelets. I found some beads at the dollar store and some pipe cleaners and let Penny go to town. She's been making bracelets for people left and right. She loves it. Today I had to go to Michaels and get a bigger stash because she used them all up.

So cute.
Our squishy....
Penny made a trail of food.
We played a few rounds of connect4......which with a 2 year old, just ends up being drop checkers into the game-board. We had fun.
Pretending to talk to Cassie (her babysitter) on the phone:
He really likes his toys and hits them with his hands. He'll follow a toy up and down and side to side.
Hanging out. I love the outfits on both of them. Penny LOVES her rainbow dress.
These old eye shadows of mine are really light and I never use them. I gave them to Penny and she LOVES them. They are light enough that they don't hurt my carpet or furniture and barely show up on her face. She and a friend had fun doing eachothers' eyes.
She looks so different in these because of the colors on her eyes...lol
14 days till Dominic gets home. We miss him.

I had a dream the other night that he was here in the middle of the night walking from his room to the bathroom. I told Sean that Dominic was here and asked him if he knew why. He said he didn't and I went and grabbed him and hugged and hugged Dominic. I was so happy to see him, but I knew it was a dream. I gave him his pacifier and Sean asked me why I was doing that. I told him it didn't matter because he wasn't real, I was just dreaming and if he wanted a pacifier in my dream he could have one. I hugged and hugged on him. Then I woke up. Thanks for visiting me Dominic, even if it was a dream.........


The Mattesons said...

He is definitely squishy!! What little cuties. And you gotta love playing games with a two year old...who won?!!!

The Wiseman Life said...

Such cute kids. Looks like everyday is a blast at the Matteson's house. That food trail for some reason caused me to laugh out loud. What a cutie. You look like such a fun Mom.