Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday Smiles

Michael has really woken up to the world, taking on somewhat of a schedule of awake/sleep time (he still sleeps A LOT). When he does wake up, he spends the first 10-15 minutes or so just observing/cooing and smiling. He has a pretty handsome smile that melts all of us in an instant.

I loved this little Sunday sailor outfit that a friend got for him. I'll have to get another picture of it that include the pants...they are ADORABLE...in fact, Penny put them on today and they looked really cute on her too (as fitted capri's) ha!

I love this little guy
Dominic got in some last minute snuggle time with Michael before he had to leave for Alaska. Michael will be twice his age when Dominic gets back.


Jenny said...

So cute! Love the last picture. Dominic looks like he is missing him already! We know how that is!

Lisa said...

Smiles are the best. Rachel wakes up smiling every morning and from every nap, and I love it. My favorite is walking into the room, peering into the crib, and seeing that big ol' smile. It only keeps getting better from here on out!

Julia Harps said...

I just can't believe what a tank he is. sooo cute!

momhirt said...

can't wait to see everybody, altogether in one place.

The Mattesons said...

LOVE the chubby little face! All your kids are adorable.