Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh are we busy!

Michael (Michael, Mike, we can't decide what to call him really) likes his thumb. He doesn't always suck on it, but its so cute when he does.
My other babies are getting so big!
Penny Grandma came for a visit. We wore her out I think.... but the kiddos had fun.
We went to Cameron Park Lake On Monday afternoon and Dominic and Gma went out on a paddle boat. It looked like fun and we'll definitely go again!
Penny and I stayed behind and played in the sand while Michael slept. Its the closest thing we have to a beach around here.

Snuggling with Penny Grandma.

Some hello time.
Sometimes we're just all tired at the same time.
We love his fat little cheeks.
I've since trained him to sleep on his back thanks to a swaddling blanket that velcro's.

(this one was today actually...he's getting chubby chubby)
Tumble Time Gymnastics performance. So fun. She and Dominic have really done well in their tumbling classes. They had performances this past week and it was fun to see all the things they learned and got to show off.

Dominic was REALLY GOOD! Both Sean and I were very proud of him. He has improved quite a bit.


Lisa said...

He's such a beautiful baby Katie.

annie said...

Chubness is so delicious! :o)

Eva Jane said...

Oh my goodness, that baby is edible! Those other ones of yours are pretty stinking cute as well...