Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello in there!

Michael has started to wake up to the world. He's up for a few hours every day (an hour or so at a time) and today, he made eye contact with me and smiled at me a few times.
He knows the way to my heart.
He has started coo-ing. I love it. He's so much fun.....and

last night

he slept
a 5 hour stretch
Such a good boy.

I caught the tail end of a smile here:

(mom, you got these PJ's for Dominic when he was a baby. I thought of you today when I put them on him.)

He was done smiling by the time I got the video turned on, but has some good conversation anyways.....

Also in this video that makes me laugh....Penny rubs the middle of the "M" on her top lip. There is a little bump there like mine (Daddy doesn't have one Penny has noticed). She does this when she's tired or bored.....she just zones out and rubs her lip. Its so funny cuz her finger looks like a windshield wiper as she rubs it.

Wub her

Dominic LOVES to hold his brother and is always commenting on how cute he is and how much he just can't stop looking at him or that he really just wants to kiss him all day. I love that my son loves babies too.

Here was one of the naptime/reflex smiles...or as G-Gma Matteson calls them,
his exercises. Its so they can master the real thing, they start in their sleep.


momhirt said...

you got three amazingly wonderful and cute kiddos!

cambridgeclan said...

Catherine is really enjoying the movie. She watches it, the pauses it and comes back to it.

Lisa said...

Yea for sleep!

annie said...

He's a chubby yummy baby! :o)

Julia Harps said...

soooo cute. and what a chunk!