Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dominic's 8th Birthday Party!

We were trying to figure out where to have Dominic's birthday party. We wanted to do something outside but our yard is not really great for a group of young boys wanting to have fun. So, Sean came up with the idea of going camping at Camp Nauvoo locally here in Placerville (20 minutes from our house). Its property owned by the church that they rent out for super cheap! There are caretakers on the property and you just call and schedule it through them. It cost us $1 per person to camp there.

There is a beautiful stream that runs through the middle of camp. There are a few hikes (though we never left the waters' edge). We heard talk of a hike up to crystal mountain, and saw people leaving with hammers and coming back with chunks of rock. We're excited to come back to do that hike (1 mile or so I guess).
In the stream there are some platforms (that I'm sure the scouts at some time built). Sticks and poles are used to push the platforms up and down the creek (its dammed up at one point so that it doesn't "flow" very fast and makes it a little deeper than it would be creating a swimming area). The water was up to Dominic's shoulders.
We had to tear the boys out of the water to eat, and again to open presents. They had SO MUCH FUN!

Catherine joined us too (with her dad and 2 brothers). She and Penny had a great time running around and chatting eachothers ears off. They flew around acting like bees "buzz buzz"

Presents! Dominic got a lot of great toys from his friends. Thank you!

Birthday cake...I mean smores! Who needs cake when you can have smores. Yuuum.

Penny and Catherine being bees. So funny.
These girls are so darn cute together. Penny wanted to wear her life-jacket. Sure.....go for it!

There's that blob of a Michael. He was such an amazing camper! That thing around my waist is my new nursing cover ( that I LOVE.

The Dad's were good sports and stayed the night too. I was glad to have extra eyes to watch the kids, I think they had fun too. =)
We busted out our headlamps for the night. The girls loved it.
Somehow we missed getting pictures of all the boys in their tent. Bummer. We have a pretty big tent and they all slept together in it (minus one I think). 2 of the boys went home early with their families and didn't stay the night, but there were 4 boys and Dominic who did stay the night. They talked and laughed in the tent till about midnight, when I started to hear their voices trail off.
They wasted no time after they woke up. Apparently boating in pajamas is just as much fun as in swim shorts.
Yes, even baby Michael came camping with us. He spent most of the evening strapped to me sleeping. This was morning all wrapped up in a blanket getting warm by the fire. We stayed pretty toasty sleeping together under the stars with just a sleeping bag. Not a fuss from him all night.

She WOULD NOT wake up the next morning. I had deflated one matress and put away tons of stuff before she finally woke up around 930am. Lazy girl.
Getting a little more boat time in after breakfast. They went so far upstream we couldn't see them anymore, they abandoned ship and were hiking up the stream. I think they were trying to get as far away from us as they could so they wouldn't have to go home. They were having fun....
Banana Slug anyone?


momhirt said...

wow! super fun!

The Mattesons said...

That looks like a really fun birthday party! I am sure that Dominic loved it. You are so creative. I wish we could do something like that for our boys, but there is ALWAYS snow on the ground on their birthdays.

annie said...

That looks like SOOOO much fun! I love the platforms in the water- what a great idea!! :o) They looked like they had a blast.

Cristin said...

Those rafts look really fun. What a great idea!

Merilee said...

What a fun party for a bunch of boys!! I am sure they will all remember that forever.

cambridgeclan said...

My family sure had a great time. Thank you so much. I love the pictures of Penny and Catherine. I also love the picture of Penny asleep with everything put away around her. Just wait until she is 14:)

Vicky Shawcroft said...

I have been to Camp Nauvoo. That's where they had girls camp many years ago. I recognized the bridge and the little creek. That was a geat idea for a party.