Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the BIG D turns 8

Dominic is my Flag Day birthday boy (this year we bought an American Flag to put on our home on his birthday). I cannot believe that this kid is 8 years old. Time flies when you're having fun.

We started off the day with an
and a big smile from Dominic. "Though," he said, " I don't ACTUALLY turn 8 until 9:59pm."
He has such a handsome natural smile.

We had Sean's cousins and grandma over for cake and ice cream and then he got to open his presents. No surprise to you, we are big teasers at our house and I wrapped one of his presents (the one I knew he would want the most) in pink wrapping paper.
hee hee....we love you bud!
The crew.
Dominic LOVES board games. He got a few new ones for his birthday and that got everyone talking about the "classics." We brought down Connect 4 and everyone started a pretty intense tournament. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

Penny's favorite game is Guess Who and so Crystal and she "played" that. (Penny doesn't quite play it, but knows the jist of what you're supposed to do and loves to ask all the questions). In fact, after they put the game away Penny said,

"Wait! I forgot to ask, 'does yours have noses?'"

She's a goof.
See the intensity in the tourney? I love having Sean's cousins over....they are fiesty....and Doug laughs like my Uncle Ross (not QUITE as loud, but the laugh is there).
she put the birthday candles back in after we were all done eating it.

This was some GOOOOOD chocolate cake with cream cheese chocolate frosting. mmmmmmmm so good, I had some for breakfast (and by some, I mean a rather LARGE slice).

I love you Dominic! I'm so glad you were born and that we get to teach you and help you become the MAN you were sent here by your Heavenly Father, to be. You are an amazing brother and son. Your patience with our parenting is greatly appreciated......please keep it up (especially when you are a teenager). We're learning right along with you. I've never parented an 8 year old and you've never been 8 before....so this year should be an adventure. You have been an amazing help to me since your baby brother was born and you jump right in when you're needed. You're smart, funny, helpful, inquisitive and HAND-SOME! Thank you for 8 years.......and many many more.....


momhirt said...

happy birthday, dominator! looks like a super fun celebration. and the package is in the mail, for both him and mike. can't wait to see you all. mom

Ali said...

What a great kid he is - and you're right - a very handsome, natural smile!