Thursday, June 24, 2010


After talking with Melody about how I needed 6 more arms to get everything done, she reminded me that baby swings are great. I never used one with Dominic and Penny because we just never had the space. So, I asked around to see if any of my friends had one that I could borrow.....and voila! Lisa had one that her little girl was done with that I could use. She brought it over last week and Michael immediately went to sleep in it.

Dreamy, I've been getting a lot more done. Like cleaned my bathroom (badly needed).
We still get plenty of snuggle time though.
He's too soft and squishy to pass up too often.

Penny still loves coloring on her easel. I would put it away and out of our living room but she colors on it everyday! We love it!


Spencer said...

Oh my, I think Michael is going to give Henry a run for his money. hehe.

momhirt said...

look at those cheeks on michael!! those are definitely 'kissing cheeks'! penny is cute also, as ever.

cambridgeclan said...

I have played with the swing idea many times. I haven't ever used one, but on some days I am very tempted. I am glad you found 2 more arms:)

Lisa said...

I don't know Katie, it might make you less of a mom.....(hope you know that is very sarcastic.)

I love the swing in the early months. I am glad to see you are getting use out of it.