Friday, May 21, 2010

Welcome Michael Jarom Matteson

Story to come later. Here are some pictures to just enjoy

I got to hold him right away. He took a little bit to cry and that first cry is so sweet and cute. He started nursing right away (sorry about the photos that made it out on accident.....Sean forgot to pre-screen them).

Its a happy cry I'm sure right? He's got a big nose....but its cute.

I get the shivers REALLY BAD after I have a baby. Like uncontrollable shaking. Its the wierdest thing (adrenaline) and I'm not cold, but the mounds of warm blankets they bring me feel so nice anyways I never reject them.

Nice and chubby at 8 pounds 13 ounces, and 20 inches long. Exactly 1 pound heavier and 1 inch shorter than Penny and Dominic (both Dominic and Penny were 7 pounds 13 ounces and 21 inches long).

Getting warm under the warmer. Love the bed head little guy.

My favorite picture by far. This was the first time Sean held him and I can see the instant love in that gaze. Sean was amazing to have there to help me through labor, he knew exactly what I needed and was quick to respond when I had to tell him.

Kiddos get to see Michael for the first time. He was in the nursery when they arrived (I took a 45 minute power nap) and so we had to wait a couple minutes for them to bring him in. Needless to say, that confused Penny a little.

Great Grandma Matteson got to come and see Michael that morning along with the kids. She loves babies. Thats just shy of being 95 years of age difference right there.

We had the BEST nurses. My friend got to be my nurse for the delivery and then she said she HAND PICKED our next nurse for us. Becky was great with the kids. She waited for them to come to give Michael a sponge bath and let the kids do a lot of the washing. They she let/made Dominic put a new diaper on him explaining each step and why it was important. I loved the extra time she was spending to have Dominic and Penny enjoy the process.

Miss Penny coudln't take her eyes of this REAL LIVE DOLL that she was going to be able to take home soon.

Daddy got him all dressed after his bath and diaper.

Dominic kept making remarks about how cute he is. Also, his eyes look really blue (like they usually do when they are newborns) and I lost track of how many times Dominic said he thought that Michael's eyes would stay blue just like his. He's pretty proud of this little guy. Today he said, "So his middle name is Jarom like mine AND he'll probably have blue eyes like me too."

Michael looks like a little Asian baby to me right here. I caught a little smile from him.

Squishy face! Accepting visitors NOW...

I snapped this photo of the two of us snuggling. I pretty much love him.

We got some pretty interesting visitors in the middle of the night.

Family bonding:

Smooches from mom.

Us girls have to stick together. We're outnumbered now.

Penny likes to talk on the phone with no hands. She's talking to her Penny Grandma here and telling her all about her new baby brother.

I think new baby ( to the right) might be getting replaced with a newer model. =)

Dominic LOVES to hold him and he's pretty good at it too.

We found her over in the corner of the hospital room changing her new babies diaper.

Such a sweety.

Penny sandwich

Ready to head home! He has some killer nails and so socks had to do until we got home (like the outfit Eva?)

All strapped in and ready to roll. Home sweet home, here we come!


Jaime said...

Congratulations! What an exciting time for your family - I love the pictures!

Gina said...

congratulations, Katie! That is amazing they had the kids so involved in everything. I love that!! I get the shivers (not cold) BIG TIME when I'm in labor and those blankets sure are great. Keep them coming!

Julia Harps said...

so sweet. He looks so sweet and Penny is going to be the best big sister. I hope his eyes stay blue like Dominics!

Cristin said...

Katie, I love seeing all the pictures! Newborns are soooo sweet and they don't stay that way for long. Enjoy the new little baby. He is a cutie!

cambridgeclan said...

Those pictures are so fun. You guys are such a fun family. I love the gloves on Penny. I bet she had a blast exploring your room. Your baby is beautiful and seeing you kiss him makes me want to go kiss David. So quickly that brand new squishy goes away. I love the picture with Sean's smile. It reminds me of Levi's smile when Catherine was born. Congratulations! We are excited to meet him.

Esther said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you all! What a cute baby boy! I love that picture of Sean holding him, he is totally beaming! How neat that both Penny and Dominic weighed the same, and were the same length :)

Lisa said...

What a little miracle. I love the picture of you kissing him on the lips- baby lips are the best!

Congratulations guys.

Nonnie and Papa said...

Such wonderful pictures Katie. He is a handsome little guy with some pretty darn cute siblings I might add. So happy for you and your little family. Love the picture of daddy holding him for the first time!

Merilee said...

He's so cute!! Love all the pics. I bet Penny is so excited to see him outside of your tummy! :)
I always get the shakes really bad too.

Britty said...

He could not be any cuter, you guys! Congratulations!

gramakelly said...

Congratulations! Love all the pics, they are terrific! Michael is one lucky little boy to come to your home ~ you have a terrific family. Dominic & Penny will be great 'big' siblings to Michael.

nbroberts said...

Thanks for sharing! You have a beautiful family!

Sam Hirt said...

he is looking good!

Mindy said...

Katie and Fam. Congrats on sweet Michael! He really is adorable and maybe Dom is right and he'll have those blue eyes forever :) Enjoy your babymoon <3

Ali said...

Cute cute cute! A new baby brings so many wondeful things to a family. Congatulations!

rachel lee said...

Hes SO adorable! We gave my niece a new baby doll when her sister was born but she was so excited for her new doll, she didnt pay any attention to her sister! It was funny...

Eva Jane said...

I need to love on him.. soon!!

Jenny said...

Yeah for the new addition! What a cute little one.

Nikki said...

Yay for squishy! I still can't believe how big he looks! He's so cute cute cute! Penny is hysterical. Really, there's not much for you to do other than feed him, it seems like Penny can take care of the rest!