Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Smiles all around!

My hair is outta control long....but I like it on most days. I don't think its EVER been this long. Its so long that

- when I roll over in bed, I sometimes can't flip my headhard enough to get all my hair out of the way
-It gets caught in my seatbelt when I take it off and it rolls itself into the seatbelt's hideaway
-I think its a spider on my arm and I freak out
-makes me look like I have hairy armpits if its all behind me
-I've given up on every trying to blow dry it
-I can use it to tickle people at quite a distance

36.5 weeks

This was an absolutely beautiful Sunday evening. Dominic was throwing the frisbie and Penny was pretending to be a dog and fetching it. She would even get down on her hands and knees and lick it before she tried to pick it up with her teeth. What? God made dirt....and dirt don't hurt.

I love Dominic's socks and flip-flop combo.

Here she is retrieving it and bringing it back to be thrown again. She's so goofy.

Penny was ding-dong-ditch-ing with her viking hat on and it would fly off every time she ran away. I would have to sit at the door and turn my back so she could ring the bell and then I'd turn around and ask who was there........ we did this about 100-50-40 times (that use to be Dominic's favorite HIGH number in kindergarten).

Then we came inside and played games and colored. Penny drew a tongue on her happy face and was quite proud. when she showed it to us she couldn't stop laughing as she said, "he's sticking his tun (tongue) out."

Dominic spent a LOT of time working on this self portrait. He's quite the drawer lately.

This was his finished product. Doesn't it look just like him? Afterwards he schemed about how he could do more drawings and sell them. I told him that he'd have to draw for a few more years for free before people would pay him for his drawings. I love him.

Then we started a game of UNO. Penny had her own little miniature game going on and it was quite intense (as UNO usually is).

After 4 games of UNO we started playing Gone Fishing, which led to a natural game of the fishies biting mommy on the lips and Penny laughing hysterically.

We were waiting up for Penny Grandma and Courtney to show up. They were only minutes away at this point and my kids were so excited to see them again.

Courtney and Dominic battled in an intense game of Chess (he's quite good actually and SOMETIMES beats me) while Penny and Penny Grandma played Guess Who.

It was tons of games in one night, but was lots of fun and it wore the kiddos out! We were so lucky to have Sean's mom and sister come visit. We can't wait till they can come again.

On Wednesdays, I've been taking Penny to a nearby library for a singing storytime. Its absolutely amazing. The lady that does it usually performs her shows on stage in big shows and stuff and she's REALLY GOOD and very entertaining. Lately I've been taking another little girl with us since her mom just had a baby.

So this day, we stopped at Target afterwards for some essentials that I needed and, of course, the girls NEEDED to stop and try on shoes. It was hilarious, especially the fact that the shoes were all attatched together so they couldn't walk anywhere once they got them on.

Catherine actually asked me if I knew her mom's cell phone number so she could ask her if she could get these shoes "betuz they sparkle." They were at least 5 sizes too big BUT they sparkled and thats all that matters to little girls who are about to turn 3.

They both had their sunglasses and they both put them on top of their heads as soon as we got to the car. It was a fun morning!

Other unrelated news?
(that are really for my journal-ing purposes and not necessarily meant to entertain you)

-We turned off our cable. I love not having TV.

- I lost my car keys with the remote lock on it and its driving me crazy. I know they are in the house somewhere but I haven't found them YET and have prayed and prayed that they will just APPEAR so I don't have to bend over and look for them anymore. Using the valet key (though we've never used a valet in the whole 4 years we've owned the car)

-Michael's room is all set up and ready for him. Penny likes to play in his crib. Dominic thinks 15 days is FOREVER to wait.....I agree but will patiently wait anyways.

-Sean switched from PB &J's (actually, Almond Butter and Jelly) to rice and beans for lunch. Seriously, he eats the same thing every day for lunch and has been having PB & J for over a year......now I get to make beans every week in large vats and freeze them in bags... as well as brown rice in large vats and freeze them in bags too. Dominic thinks the house smells funny when I cook beans, I kinda agree.

-I got a sunburn on Saturday at the pool. Somehow, about once or twice a year, I put sunscreen on my kids but forget to put it on myself.....it usually only takes once and I don't forget again. I'm still really red from 4 days ago.

- Dominic is reading the Hank The Cowdog series. I LOVED Hank the Cowdog when I was younger. He's progressed quite a bit this year in his reading and comprehension.

-I like my home-made laundry soap even better as a dry soap blend instead of a liquid. Its just easier to make/use and it washes just the same.

- 2 weeks and 2 days till Michael's due date. We can't wait to meet him....and I can't wait for my ribs to not hurt.

-I finally gave Dominic a haircut....it looks so much better. He just HATES haircuts and so we put them off for so long. I paid him $2 to not cry/whine. This was his last chance to have me cut his hair without whining/crying or I was going to make him pay for his own haircuts at the salon (he was fine in December when I cut his hair because Eva was here and he didn't want to cry/whine in front of her....which to me says its all an act). It worked. He earned $2 and a GREAT haircut.


momhirt said...

love you! love the pics and love the commentary.2 weeks is a long time!!

Homemade Addictions said...

I love your long hair and I can not wait to meet your little guy. He will be here before you know it, I promise. Just enjoy the last few days you have with just your two kids and enjoy the sleep you are getting now.

cambridgeclan said...

Thanks for taking Catherine. She loves shoes! I was a little nervous when we went to Target last week. I thought for sure she was going to remember the shoes, but we avoided that section and came out without a hitch.