Friday, May 28, 2010

Our Busy Week

Random shots from the last week:

Penny all ready for bed. Can't you tell? This was the first time she got them over her nose and the goggles fogged up pretty quickly. She thinks these are sunglasses and tries to put them on before she goes outside.

We were watching a show on dinosaurs (we've been watching a lot of discovery channel type shows on netflix through our it). Notice anything? hee kids love eachother.

Tickling Daddy is so much more fun than tickling Mommy (Mommy hates to be tickled).
I love this chubby cheeked little guy. He's getting a little more alert with each passing day.
Penny hasn't been able to snuggle this well with me for quite a while. It felt good to hold her again and not be uncomfortable. She made quite the drool mark too.
Helping Michael get his plug in right.

Got Milk?
His cheek/neck area is especially yummy and delicious smelling.
This is her "angry goggle face". She asks to see the picture often.
Dominic being flash....he and Penny chase eachother around the circle in our house. I caught him running through.
Penny always wants to hold him just how Mommy does, "up on her shoulder." She's a good mini-mommy. She's burping him, Michael is enduring.

Doesn't he look fake and teeny?

He prefers his thumb over his plug...when he can find it. Sometimes I just help him. Its one of those things where its nice that he can't ever lose his thumb if he wants it....but I can't cut the end of his thumb off when we're ready to be done with it like I can his plug. It immediately soothes him though, unlike his plug which he will sometimes suck and sometimes won't.


Julia Harps said...

sooo sweet.

Trisha said...

So cute! Congrats on the new baby. I'm glad to hear everything went well and it looks like you guys are having a great time adjusting. Penny reminds me of Macie when Ty was born. She was such a good, concerned little helper. :)

Nikki said...

They're all sooo cute. I love the froggie outfit!

Homemade Addictions said...

I love the thumb sucking picture. He is so sweet.