Sunday, April 25, 2010

Silly with Penny Grandma

While Dominic and his Aunt Courtney played Wii, Penny kept us entertained by sticking a wig on Penny Grandma's head and then hitting it off and running away. She thought she was pretty silly.

I love this picture of Sean's mom. Such a genuine smile. She loves coming to visit and we sure love having her. We kept the kids up past 10pm on Saturday and Sunday night just playing and being crazy.

Rainbow curls!!

See the action:


momhirt said...

i'm jealous. you all are having entirely too much fun without me! penny and dominic are so lucky to be part of the matteson/peterson family!

Courtney M. said...

We had a wonderful time thank you very much. I love that picture you took of mom, she was so happy and it showed :)