Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm still alive

I'm still alive, I promise. I have a million pictures I need to blog, but by the time I get the bare minimum done everyday...I'm pooped. Then dinner, bedtime, cleanup...pooped again.

Will catch up soon, I promise.

Another few friends had their babies this week......I'm the last of like 7 people I know...oh joy.

4 more weeks. 4 more weeks.

In the meantime, Dominic started flag football and tumbling. He's really enjoying both. I'm noticing that our homeschooling modules that we do at home to boost a few areas are starting to pay off in his weekly assignments at school. He loves to tell jokes lately, but doesn't quite understand the rules of joke telling. He's reading the "Hank The Cowdog Series." I loved those books when I was his age. He can do 2 pull ups in a row and is proud that he weighs 56 pounds (he loves to gain weight). This morning he said "I don't really feel like a 56 pound MAN!"

Penny has been completely dry for a few weeks (we were having issues of small amounts of #1 and #2 in her underwear just out of her own laziness). We bribe her with drawing happy faces on a small whiteboard we keep in the bathroom. If she has an accident, I erase them and draw an angry face but remain happy myself. It works better than myself getting upset and frustrated. She loves her Polly pockets and reading books! She ends up with a stack of books by her bed every night about 10 high before she falls asleep. She's a LITTLE (understatement) possessive about her baby doll which she has named, creatively, New Baby.

The sunny warm weather has been coming and going. I've made one of my garden boxes, need to make one more and then fill them with dirt so I can plant. No hurry, its still a teency early. I bought some blueberry plants to plant by the house. Can't wait for those. Michael's room is still waiting on the trim to be painted.....this is my least favorite part....3 coats of trim paint...ugh.

Sean is working so hard. He goes to work everyday and then often spends much of his free time growing the business. He has been teaching Dominic how to do pull ups and play football. Penny loves to exercise just like Daddy. He's been pretty good about keeping a good exercise routine and you can really see the changes in his physique. We've been watching 24 together almost every night. It makes for wierd dreams, but we enjoy the relaxing time together.

A post with pictures will come sometime soon...... I have to put them on our new computer instead of this one that I am used to and I hate CHANGE like I've been putting it off. Please forgive me.

But, we're alive.....and happy...... and healthy. Thats all that matters right?


Julia Harps said...

post prego pictures. I wanna see that belly!
glad things are going well. Too bad we aren't closer.

Lisa said...

Don't rush things Katie. You may be one of the last to have your baby, but you're also one of the only ones who is still getting a full night's sleep! Enjoy the end of your pregnancy.

You should post pictures of your cute self. I'd love to see how the belly is growing.

momhirt said...

we love you. wish we could share more of your life. oh well. it is good to see how well you handle you responsibilities and challenges.