Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter fun

The painted gold Easter Eggs were a hit with Penny. Anything she gets to paint is fun for her. As for the gold Easter Egg kit....meh, not impressed.

Every year I boil a zillion eggs more than we could ever eat and every year Sean asks me in all seriousness, "why did you boil so many egg??!!!" Each year I have to remind him that it doesn't matter if we eat them all or not, its worth a few extra dollars to have the kids get to dye them to their hearts content. I think this year Penny could have even done more. She was having lots of fun. Her favorite, of course, was the pink but with each color that came out of the dye, she shrieked in delight.

She fell on one of her Polly Pocket cars and got a scrape/cut on her shin. It was a long and skinny cut and needed a bigger bandaid than normal, which mean no "special" bandaid with barbie or whatever on it. So I let her draw a happy face on it with a permanent PINK marker. She was pretty excited be honest.....I saved the bandaid once it came off 4 days later. Yes, I love her smiley's that much.

sidenote: do you think the nurses will be able to find a vein in my arm? Holy cow...I must work out. ha ha.
Some of what she did with her Easter candy. I laughed so hard when I looked over and saw this. Now and then we find stuff in the baby's mouth, but this was the first time I'd seen something over the eyes too. Gonna have to watch out for this little girl Michael Jarom!

We had a great Easter even though Dominic wasn't here though we wish he could have joined us. He had a great time in Alaska with his Dad though. I didn't want to cook a big Easter dinner and just made Zuppa Toscana (Sean's favorite soup from Olive Garden). It was super delicious and filled us up just the same. Penny got to do her first real EASTER EGG HUNT in our living room. It was a cold and rainy day outside so there were no eggs hid in the yard. She had fun finding eggs and discovering that there was candy inside! Lame-o that this year I didn't think to start shopping for socks sooner.......not many stores carry cool socks anymore. Alas, today was not a year the Easter bunny brought my yidders socks. Will have to start earlier next year (like not the day before). Oops.

We hope your Easter was great and you were able to remember that resurrection morning when Christ rose again. His resurrection gives me faith that we can live again, because HE LIVES! I liked this quote:
"The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over
no matter what my circumstances." -Robert Flatt


Spencer said...

I want to know what you are doing up so late Mrs. Matteson. haha. Looks like you guys had a fun time. Thanks for sharing

Sean said...

Every year she also tells everyone that I ask every year why she boiled so many eggs.

momhirt said...

traditions make memories.

Katie said...

I was hungry in the middle of the night Spencer and had to get up to eat a bowl of cheerios or Michael was going to eat me from the inside out.

Stop asking me why I boiled so many eggs and I wouldn't have to keep explaining how silly you are.

Vicky Shawcroft said...

So what did you end up doing with all the eggs?