Sunday, April 25, 2010

Aaaaaaaaaaand, we're back

Okay, so we're back. Sorry I haven't blogged anything. Dominic was gone for 2 weeks over Spring break and so many of these pictures are of Penny. He had a great time in Alaska and I was SO GRATEFUL that my sister Eva was able to take him up there and back so that I didn't have to fly. Thank you Eva!

Penny, Stella and Dominic. They were all dressed up for Meg's pinning ceremony for nursing school. What cute kiddos!
Penny got some stickers in the mail for Easter. She wanted to share the pack with Michael and so she proceeded to put them all on my belly. It felt REALLY wierd for some reason.

This must have been the most fantastic bed head I've ever seen on ANYONE! It was Utah hair to the 'nth degree.
I showed her how to trace bodies on the cement with chalk. I traced her body and then she wanted to trace mine. It was surprisingly difficult to gently lay down on the cement with a big belly, though at this angle, it hardly looks like I have a belly.

Her tracing was funny, and pretty much non -existent. It was just a line here and there. She's cute.

Tracing Paisey, her stuffed doggie that barks and wags his tail. He's a great house-pet.
I tied her babies around her and she just thought that was the coolest thing EVER.

This picture also reminds me of a poem I remember my mom telling me when I was little. It was a wierd poem. Can you think of the poem mom? I'll put it at the bottom of the post.

The I put the other baby on her back and she was in Heaven!
Addy came over and they changed their baby's diapers. They are such good little mommies.

She loves snuggling with Michael and sometimes falls asleep. I love this shot.
She rubs her top lip when she's trying to comfort herself to sleep.

Dominic fell asleep reading a book by the fire. Or so I thought. He was actually faking.... and opened his eyes laughing after I took the pictures. He had me fooled! I don't think I would have been able to lie there without giving myself away with a smile.

We were warming our bum-bum's on a cold Sunday evening by the fire.

Pretty girl in the bath tub.
35 weeks. Its hard to take pictures of myself. =)

Penny LOVES to fold the wash cloths. I just have to pull them out of the clean laundry and she runs over and starts folding them. I love it. She does a pretty good job!

We were making faces at dinner time when Eva was over. This was her ANGRY face.

My children. They are so SPECIAL.
I loved this post bath shot. Her hair is always so soft and bouncy after bath time. She and Daddy were sitting on our bed reading books.

Her hair is long enough to go in a little pony now. I haven't been able to do that since I cut her hair last November. I love it.

Sean is a SAINT and deep cleaned the inside of my car. It was very needed and very appreciated. Who knows when I would have been able to get to it anytime soon. Penny took the opportunity to play with her carseat and buckle up her baby over and over and over.

More coming later......... Penny Gma (as Penny calls her) is in town with Sean's sister Courtney. We've had some fun with them and I'll get those posted soon. =)

Have a great Sabbath!

*poem: "There once was a girl
who had a little curl
right in the middle of her forehead.
And when she was good
she was very, very good,
and when she was bad
she was horrid."


Holly said...

My mom used that poem to describe Jenna as a little girl, that's funny. Penny is so cute and I love her Utah hair. You are beautiful, Katie, I love how long and gorgeous your hair is. And I very much want your shirt that you're wearing in the picture with Penny sleeping on you:)

Cristin said...

I love all the pictures and you are right, in the one where you are laying down you hardly look pregnant! Glad you posted all the other pregnant pictures so that I could confirm that you really are!

Lisa said...

You're belly is so big and BEAUTIFUL! You look every bit as cute as I thought you would. And with only a few short weeks left, I bet everyone in your family is getting excited to meet him.

Eva Jane said...

That was a lot of catching up, THANK YOU! That Penny Poo Poo sure is getting big and so is the Dominator. (so is your belly!!!.. hehe, hurry and get here Michael).

Nikki said...

Utah hair to the nth degree...oh my gosh I couldn't stop laughing because it is so true! LOL! I LOVE IT! Penny's hair is AMAZING! You should frame the pic of her sleeping on your belly, that truly is adorable and WHERE did you get that totally rad shirt!?? I loved these pictures. Soooo fun!!

Katie said...

Holly and need to shop at Walmart more apparently.

I think it was $4 when I got it about a year ago. Totally see through, but nothing a Downeast shirt couldn't fix.

Can I just say, I HATE clothes shopping.