Sunday, March 07, 2010

This week at our house

The kitty appearances never get old. This time, Penny decided to draw a kitty on mommy's face as well. Dominic drew her kitty. She had so much fun being the baby kitty and having a mommy kitty to cuddle with.

I'm not sure why in over half of our pictures of Penny she doesn't have half of her outfit on. Guess thats how we roll around here.
Dominic drew a picture of he and Penny the other day, complete with eye color and hair styles. I left it up for a few days before I realized I could just take a picture of it! I love it. They are the best of friends and rarely argue or fight. Perhaps its their age difference?
Penny has discovered 25 piece puzzles and LOVES them. She can do them all by herself now and will trudge up the stairs to get another once she has finished one. We've timed her, they take her about 6-8 minutes each depending on the puzzle. Most of these we get at the dollar store. Perfect find.
Dominic and I went out the other night to a dance festival put on by the youth in our stake. Daddy and Penny stayed home and did things like this:

and this:

Penny loves to hug her baby-brother. At church today, she was trying to get him to kick a pretzel that she was moving around on my belly saying "kick the pretzel baby, kick it. Try and find it. Kick the pretzel baby."

She was also sticking her belly on mine and waiting for "our babies" to kick eachother (because of course she has one in her tummy too). She was flexing her stomach muscles and since I was laughing and it was moving my belly.....she assumed the baby was kicking her too. She cracks me up!

almost 30 weeks:

Sadly, Dominic had already stripped himself of his Sunday we got none of him. Penny and daddy wanted a few together. These two look so much alike its a wonder if I'm even in there.

This is her new favorite camera pose lately when she's getting a picture with Dad. I had to actually tell her to look at me, otherwise she was doing this until the flash went off.

Don't believe me? She seriously looks like him.

Dominic's love of thin mints is only surpassed by his love of video games.

This is Dominic telling me that I'm crazy for only getting one box of thin mints.

Penny discovered them for the first time and just sat by the roll and kept going, and going, and going and going. I think I stopped her at 5.

No mom, seriously, you only got one box? Who does that?

Guess I'll have to hit up the Girl Scouts for a few more. Hopefully there are some left.


Anonymous said...

Umm, I have to agree with Dominic on this one. Only ONE box? I mean you're supposed to buy 5 boxes, eat one right away, keep one in the cupboard, then stash the rest in the freezer for "one of those days". I can see I have much to teach you. :) I can also see all is well in the Matteson family, for which I am happy. Your long hair makes me sick AND you managed to stay thin and beautiful while 30 weeks pregnant. How do you to it? Much love! Angie :)

Katie said...

IN my defense.....I did purchase 7 *AHEM* (yes 7) *AHEM* boxes of girl scout cookies....just only ONE of them happened to be thin mints

momhirt said...

great pictures and narrative. yes, penny looks like sean, but that turned out all right! wish we were closer to enjoy your family.

Sean said...

Thin Mints are the worst thing ever.

Jaime said...

So cute! I love the kitty pictures. :) As for the cookies, well, I bought a few boxes too. And only 1 box of Thin Mints, but I know where the Girl Scouts are if I want more... :)

annie said...

Morgen is a Girl Scout, but I doubt you want to pay for the shipping to get the cookies to you! :o)

I love the kitty faces.

Merilee said...

I am dying over that picture of Sean! I had to have James come see too. Penny looks SO much like him!
You are such a cute mom. I wish I could look like you when I am pregnant!
The DVD's arrived today. Cant wait to watch them. Thanks again!