Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Great Grandma Matteson was coming over Sunday night and I asked Dominic to wait at the door so that he could open it for her as soon as she got here. I just loved how he sat there for 5 minutes intently looking for her to show up.

Penny had already fallen asleep, so a normally "Penny engrossed" Great Grandma, was ALL DOMINIC'S. He showed her a bunch of projects he'd done at school and some books he'd written at home. He talked her ear off for probably 45 minutes and it was absolutely hilarious to listen to. They just talked and talked and talked and Grandma loved seeing all the things Dominic had made.
Penny is obsessed with the baby in my belly. She loves to kiss him and I have to make my stomach lurche every time so that she knows the baby kissed her back. This is the "The Baby kicked my kisses," face. It gives her such delight to know that this baby in there is ready to play at any given moment.

If the baby forgets (aka: mom forgets to flex her tummy while she's kissing it) she says, "Oh! The baby din't kick my kisses...shoooI try gen?" To which I say yes and she says in a super squeaky and high voice, "Okay!"

Giving baby zurberts. She thinks its hilarious to do super big ones like this one and have her face get lost in my tummy.

See the pain in her face because of the laughter? She already LOVES this baby.

Again, "The baby kicked my kisses."

I was trying to get a picture of her nubbie piggies but she (seriously) asked me to take a picture of her booty instead. She is, in all the meanings of the word, absolutely silly.

So there are the nubby piggies.....distracted by doing her puzzles is the only way I was able to get the picture taken.

The weather outside was almost 80 degrees today. We played at the park for 3 hours and my kids are worn out and my house is kind of a disaster....but it was soooo worth it. =) Today was a really great day!


Spencer said...

Penny cracks me up. Thanks for the stories

Sam Hirt said...

going to the park is always worth it

Eva Jane said...

Too cute!! I love those kiddos!

annie said...

only 100 degrees colder here.... what I would give for an 80 degree day to go play at the park! Heck, I'd even take a 50 degree day to go play at the park! :o)