Thursday, March 25, 2010


Dominic's class performed a Hoedown today. It was a lot of fun to watch. Penny thought Dominic was quite famous up there and kept saying "thats my brother down there!"

Funny how every time she announced what song they were going to dance to next all the boys went "aaaaaaaawww," as if to say they hated it. However, their faces during the dances told a completely different story.

Best looking cowboy I've ever seen

going under the head couple and down the line.

Yeee haw!

Enjoy the clips! We've already watched them like 5 times each. Penny loves it.
Dominic's favorite Dance was the Spanish song where they do the silly poses. My and Penny's favorite to watch was the Ole song.


LeMira said...

That was definitely entertaining to watch all the kids try to follow the teacher and remember the dance moves.

momhirt said...

go dominator go. that was fun!

Eva Jane said...

so glad you got to go! looks super fun..

annie said...

That second picture of him is SOOOO handsome! :o) Super fun!