Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Big 3-0

So, this week I turned 30. Its no big secret. I wasn't distraught over it. I'm only surprised that a long time ago I thought 30 was so old...yet here I am and I still feel so young! Bring it on 30, BRING-IT-ON

This is what it looks like when you go a little crazy with putting vaseline on your lips. The best part of this picture I couldn't capture. When she gets any amount on, she talks as if she can't move her lips. So with this much on, her whole face became immobile it seemed. It was pretty DERN funny.

As if I could push that cart! I love how Daddy does anything that Penny tells him to. "Come get in the cart with me Daddy." We went to Target as a family on my birthday. Its fun to browse as a family, we got a few things, Dominic got his new bike for the summer and I GOT DRAPES FOR THE FRONT ROOM. Let me repeat that, I got drapes for the front room. I'm so indecisive about decor that DRAPES are a big deal. We shall see how they look when I get them up. =)
Our FHE this week was on Testimonies. We used the 5 finger testimony, with pictures to help them remember the foundational principles to which we should base our testimony.

1) We know that God is our Heavenly Father
2) that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer
3) We know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he restored the true gospel to the Earth as well as translated the Book Of Mormon.
4) that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is God's true church on the Earth today
5) We know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet on the Earth today and that he receives revelation for us in our day, just as prophets of old.

At Target we bought a new game for the kids. They love games and we love to play them with them (usually). This was one I've been meaning to get for a while. Penny was pretending that the fishies were biting her bum.

I don't remember this game being as hard as it is. But Dominic and Penny still enjoy it. In fact, I almost banned Dominic from playing it because he was flinging the fish out of the pond and they were catapulting across the room. Penny likes all the blue ones and lines them up in a row after she gets them out.

The mini-mommy

Sean and Dominic made me a birthday cake. This one was pretty darn delicious.

Singing the BIRFDAY SONG

All a-glow.

Going for seconds. What, baby needed some.

I like to eat with a butchers knife.

This was a present my sister Annie made me. I love it and immediately put a pillow-form in it (really one of the pillows from my couch that I was growing tired of) and absolutely love it. Whenever someone in my family turns 30, my family makes a book for them. It has all the things we love about that person. Everyone has their own page (I have 9 siblings and then my parents too).

This was the book that my family made for me. It has leaves sewn onto the pages, just like the leaves on the pillow. Every time I see the pillow on my couch, it will remind me of the book I will treasure forever.

I love it and am so glad that we started this tradition. Thank you family!


Cristin said...

30? You're still a baby! I love the picture of you with the butcher knife!

annie said...

Looks like it was a fun day! :o)

momhirt said...

great birthday pictures. i can't believe you are 30 either. i was only 28 when i had you. isn't life grand!!

Lisa said...

Reading this post was the best part of my day!! Really, I needed a good laugh. Penny's face in the vaseline picture is priceless- I can just play it out in my mind. And Sean in the shopping cart was pretty funny too. You have such a great family, Katie. Although seeing the family you come from, it's no wonder. I love the Birthday book tradition.

Vicky Shawcroft said...

There is so much to comment on in the post. -I love the vaseline picture, that IS priceless.
-What a good fhe idea, can I borrow it?
-What a good daddy, that is so sweet.
-30? Nooo way!