Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Crown

Grandma Penny send Penny a card with a crown to assemble and decorate. It was an instant hit on Saturday morning when we got our package in the mail. It was kinda late in the morning...but we were still in our Pj's. =)

Very concentrated on getting the stickers off:

Her Cheeser grin
Showing off her finished crown. Not very many stickers actually ended up on her crown. Instead, they ended up.........
on my right arm.
Thanks Gma for a great card. She's still enjoying her crown and I'll be finding these stickers around the house for weeks. Thats okay just makes Valentine's day last longer.

This Valentine's day I made the boys (Sean and Dominic) cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, and bacon to eat in bed. Dominic woke up late this morning so it worked very much to my advantage. I woke up Penny during the finishing stages of cooking. She helped me serve them and had the great idea to read them a story while they ate. She picked out "Potty Time with Joe," and commented that, "They'll love this one." I carried a sleepy Dominic to my bed and woke him up to eat breakfast with Daddy and Penny sandwiched in between them reading. Dominic had never actually had a breakfast in bed before so today was his first. He was quite proud to be served in such a way. It was the perfect morning.

Dominic and Sean surprised me with some roses they had gotten the day before. At church we handed out some of our Valentine's that we had made to friends. Penny loved giving them to her teachers and a few of the girls that love to huddle around her. She was so proud. Dominic was excited to give one to the Bishop. We had brownies together as our Valentine's treat in the evening around a nice and cozy fire (because I guess the suckers, candy, donuts, cinnamon rolls and jello weren't enough come evening). It was a GREAT day. =)

How did you spend your Valentine's?


momhirt said...

dad actually got me a great valentine's gift... some of those expensive bottled grapefruit. my favorites. then it was off to nenana for the day.... happy valentine's day, nenana, we love you.

Katie said...

Yum....those are delicious. But I haven't got them in years because I'm the only one who eats them and at Costco they only come in packs of 18 or something. Love those. Good gift Dad.

Eva Jane said...

Too cute, I love Penny's book choice too! I spent V-day hiking around in the snow. It was amazing (not nearly as amazing as homemade cinnamon rolls and a potty book though!) Love you guys!

Katie said...

Do they look home made Eva? bought-in-the-can-ness. I would have made some from scratch except Sean bought these because he likes them....... to me they just don't compare.

Its always fun to read potty books while you're eating.

Where did you hike?

Jenny said...

Love the sticker arm! Brin loves stickers as long as they aren't sticking to her. You are looking pretty amazingly HOTTT right now. I also love the kids' bedroom set up. Good Job!

Morgen said...

Sooooooooooooo cute. (mom hint hint for next Valentine's Day)