Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sleeping Angels

This picture makes me smile. I can smell my kids sleeping looking at it and that is the best smell in the world (next to newborn baby breath). They love to snuggle up and fall asleep with eachother sometimes and would do it every night if we let them, but it takes them forever to actually fall asleep this way, that we just can't let them do it as often as they would like
They giggle too much and we don't have a garden to tell them to go weed until they are done talking (love you gpa Hirt). Under the blankets, their arms were overlapped. I love it.


annie said...

Them are sweetums for sho!

Lisa said...

Kaitlyn just started sleeping in bed with Ashlee, and I love it. My boys sleep together too. Every night I peek in the boys' room and the girls' room, and it gives me such peace. Now I can't wait to have Rachel in my bed.

Merilee said...

So cute! He is SUCH a good brother. Hayden and Parker like to do that too. It's so cute. But it does drive me a little crazy when it's the third night in a row that they have stayed up for hours talking. hehe
Thanks for your comment on my blog, and the suggestions. That's exciting that you are going to homeschool Dominic too. I would love to get a copy of that DVD. How much do you sell them for?