Monday, February 01, 2010

Sewing with the kiddos

Nothing to do with Sewing....but doesn't he look so handsome all ready for church?

Dominic has a book of interviews that we've been collecting from various family members. We printed these out in book form on cardstock and instead of trying to figure out how to format the pages so that I could print them out double sided OR gluing those one sided pages together so that you could read it like a book.......Dominic decided that he wanted to sew the pages together with white thread. It turned out to be a great solution and looks very neat!

I controlled the pedal and let him do the steering. For the cover, we used a piece of posterboard cut slightly larger than the book and I let him sew a pattern on that all by himself. He got to do the pedal and the steering on that one and he was really having a lot of fun.
I bet he'll ask to do this again. He had A LOT of fun.
Penny wanted to try too and it was surprising how easy it was for her to move that piece of paper around. She was having a lot of fun steering. We didn't use any thread after our project was done. It just made holes in the paper. Its still fun and I love how the paper feels afterwards.

See how happy?

Complete concentration was required. The tongue helped.
This is actually how I first learned how to sew and be comfortable with a sewing machine. Our teacher in high school would not let us sew any piece of fabric unless we could perfectly sew specific patterns on paper (I think there were 4 or 5 of them that we had to master perfectly. Some straight lines, squares that got smaller and smaller, circles that got smaller and smaller and then zig zags). This really gave me confidence to be able to sew a STRAIGHT LINE, make corners and and manipulate whatever I was working with to do what I WANTED instead of vise-verse.


Teresa Jolley said...

Your such a good mommy, little Suzy homemaker. You kids are lucky to have such a fabulous mom. Btw, what are you having? I'll go search your blog and find out.

Homemade Addictions said...

That is a great idea!