Thursday, February 04, 2010

Penny Draws a HAPPY FACE

Penny has been drawing happy faces for the last couple weeks and is absolutely thrilled with it. Lately she's been trying to manipulate that dang mouth to make the faces she wants. Little deviations in the angle elicit silly giggles from the drawing board even though they mostly all just look the same. Its fun to hear.

She had some great laughs with this one.... these were mostly silly faces and one sad blue face.
Annie, you wanted to know how the kitchen fit into the living room. It IS a large kitchen, and meant to be used from both sides. However...for now, this is perfect. I could put it in her bedroom so that she could use both of the sides, but I really missed her playing with her kitchen in the living room. She makes us treats and cooks all the day long when its downstairs. Where, when it was upstairs, she didn't play with it as often.
Someday we'll have just a huge playroom completely seperate from sleeping where great big toys like this can be put and fully appreciated on all sides. =) There's even a little nook to the right of it where her shopping cart usually gets parked. But today, it was in the kitchen delivering groceries to me while I was cleaning and hadn't made it back yet.

So, there you have it.


annie said...

Those are the cutest smiley faces!!

Great spot for the kitchen! I want her to make me some treats too! :o)

momhirt said...

she likes being where you are, and you like her right around you. perfect match.