Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Our Valentines Cards

I've been wanting to make these cards for a few years now but my mom always buys us Valentines cards for the Grandkids and so its been on the backburner; as when given the choice, the super cool Valentines that this one place carried won over home made. =)

So here they are, finally!!

A sucker will be positioned through a hole in the top and bottom of their fisted hand.

I'm off to the store tomorrow to get suckers and pick up the photos. Can't wait.
I just hope that one lady at Costco that develops horrible pictures has the day off. I always seem to get her.

Here is the finished product....seriously so easy.



Teresa Jolley said...

Don't even tell me you did those for the whole class...supermom.

Katie said...

I only had to print out 25 copies of it (costco 1 hour photo) and attatch the sucker through the hole punches I made. It was easier than store-bought because we didn't have to write FROM DOMINIC on every single one. Of course it was from him...its his picture!

I only did my kids...no kids in the class.

These were an easy Valentines.......I promise

Merilee said...

those are SO cute! I love them!