Friday, February 19, 2010

My favorite outfit

This was my favorite outfit when I was 6 and 7. Recently, I found out that my mom would wash it almost everynight so that I could wear it again the next day. Now that I have little kids that MISS the clothes that are in the dirty laundry, I can see the sacrifice she made to put a smile on my face. Thanks mom. =)

I just LOVED those colors.

Does Ah Sah Wahn still have the chuck-e-cheese carpet?


annie said...

Katie did! :o) So cute. And it's no longer a restaurant, but they did have that carpet I think until they closed!

Eva Jane said...

I remember this outfit, you wore it ALL the time!! so cute.

Cristin said...

Oh, that's funny. You wore that almost every day!!?? Hilarious.

momhirt said...

ah-sa-wan got closed down for being too dirty. i think the carpet is still there, just a couple of shades darker! the building isn't being used right now.