Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kids Room

I'm organized, but not fancy. I keep it simple but try to make the room look asthetically pleasing. I don't have trendy baskets and patterns everywhere.....just practicality. Most of our toys are very accessible for the kids, but there are some that I have out in the garage that I bring out only now and then. It cuts down on the clutter in their room.

The shelving and things on the wall were all painted and or crafted in some way by me to match their colors in the room. Red, blue and cream with light wood accents. Again, nothing fancy....just completely practical and educational. My friend did a post on her blog about using rain gutters as book shelving and it looked marvelous. I have been debating putting some up in their room but don't know that they have a PERFECT spot like she did. Its an idea I may have to store for our next house. I loved it.

I find most important in the kids room is lots of BOOKS. I learned this from my sister Julia. She has TONS OF BOOKS and making them accessible....and because she does, her kids look at them and read them. Its Dominic loves having his own "library" and is very proud that its full to capacity and we'll be needing more bookshelves in the near future.
Dominic's toys are up high where he can reach (his Bakugan, Pokemon, Yu-Ghi-Oh and other randoms that he frequently plays with). Penny's toys are down low. This keeps her little fingers out of his things.

The kids room is mostly toys and sleeping. I've not put dressers in their room as to maximize their play area. Instead I have the plastic dressers at the bottom of their closet, space that would just get wasted anyways.

Window treatments throughout the house are up and coming this April. I can't wait to see my rooms with their new blinds and moulding. =)

Again....nothing fancy...nothing amazing (there are even fingerprints all over the mirror) but completely practical and it works. =)


Britty said...

Really cute, Katie! I really like the blue color on the walls. Very relaxing. What lucky kids.

Ali said...

Looks great - a room the kids can actually use! I spotted your magnet board (with the red frame). Did you make that? I could really use something like that since our fridge isn't magnetic and I have all the letters put away. Do tell...

Katie said...

Its from Roberts (Utah store). They probably have them at Michaels or the-like-type stores. It was just an unstained wood frame with a metal sheet in it...probably easy to make if you can't find it at a craft store

(buy a frame at a thrift store and get a sheet of metal cut to fit inside it)

momhirt said...

you got good sense. it looks great! and so user friendly.

Vicky Shawcroft said...

I love the color of blue on the wall in the kids' room. It's a good idea to put Dominic's stuff up top (and not just because he's taller). If I had done that for Scott, it would keep James out of his stuff.