Friday, February 26, 2010


We have a kitty that comes and visits our house now and then. Sometimes she stays the night, comes to gymnastics, goes to the store with us, and plays at the park. We like these kinds of kitties. She likes to meow and lick and crawl anytime she can.

There is a pond not TOO far from us that is FULL of small frogs. They are super loud during the daytime and I've heard from people that live near them, that they are insanely loud at night. However, each time the kids started venturing over to the sounds of 'ribbit' they would quiet down until they left. Basically the kids did circles around the marsh never catching a single frog. It was great fun though. They got to be boys and get dirty dirty dirty.
Penny chose her outfit and was not impressed with stomping around. She lasted about 2 minutes and then came and sat on my lap. She's not a boy.
The night before this picture, Penny took a bath and put tons of Johnson's shampoo in her hair. She was one bubbly head when I discovered how much she had used. We didn't comb her hair when she got out because it was bed time. THIS is what her hair looked like the next morning AFTER her nap as well.....without me DOING it. It was seriously, the most beautiful and bouncy I have ever seen her hair. I could not bring myself to wet and comb it all day long. The curls were absolutely amazing.

I kept staring at her curls and saying, "Penny, you have pretty curls." and she'd just SMIIIIIILE. We love her curls.

Dominic was cold when he went to bed. In the morning he asked me, "Mom, why did you take off my gloves?" To which I responded, "Dominic, I didn't."

He's so funny and took them off sometime in his sleep.

Baby #3 (no name yet) was kicking like crazy the other night and the kids got to see my belly wiggling all over the place. It was the best sound ever hearing them giggle and squeal with each movement they saw and felt. The baby responds completely to these two whenever they touch or talk to him.

And here I am. This was on Monday, Feb 22nd. I was 27 1/2 weeks along and already feeling huge. I'm measuring right on...and have gained 26 pounds so far. I usually have a huge surge of weight gain between 4 and 6 months and then taper off from there. I'll probably end up gaining 35 this pregnancy. That's my guess. Sean wants a 14 pound baby though, so he's rooting me on! I told him he's crazy and that unless he wants a wife to die in childbirth to stop wishing such crazy things. Babies can bulk up after they are born.


annie said...

Penny's curls look like Shirley Temple! Those are so big and full. So cute.

Your belly is bigger than I remember you being with Penny!! You GO GIRL! :o) That's a cute shot of the kids watching him kick!

The boys in the marsh is great! Our brothers loved to do stuff like that too- good boy stuff!

Lisa said...

You look great, Katie.

Holly said...

You look beautiful, super cute belly. I love the picture of the kids watching baby move, that's precious.

momhirt said...

say hello to the little person in there for grandma!

Nonnie and Papa said...

Katie Grace you look beautiful!! Love the Penny curls, she is a doll. You know I love the boys in the marsh, there is something so magical about little boys!!!

Merilee said...

This was such a fun post!
I love Penny's curls and her kitty face. :)
Dominic's gloves made me laugh. Hayden does stuff like that too. So funny.

Vicky Shawcroft said...

what a cute tummy!