Saturday, February 13, 2010

EQ Valentine's Party

Oh my, we had a great time. We love our new ward and have gotten to know a lot of really fun people. I planned this game for the party and it did not disappoint. I ALMOST peed my pants a few times.

The first group lined up and listening to directions.

All the ladies were given a DARK tube of lipstick. They had 30 seconds to make as many full kiss marks on their spouse as they could before the time was up. They could re-apply as often as they needed.


Even the bishop and his wife joined in (far left). I did not get a picture

The men didn't seem to mind the game one bit. =) For the women, it was trying to focus and not laugh.

Matteson's won.... =) What can I say? lol

Bill was showing off that he even had some on his eyelids. Genious.

Proud Dan.
The Hammond's were our gracious hosts. =) It was a great party with great food, company and fun laughs (doesn't he look like Sam?!).

Happy Valentines Day!


annie said...

That's GREAT!! Hilarious! How many baby wipes did it take to get all those kisses off! And what did the winner get? (a room?!?!)

momhirt said...

fun and games...i'm glad you like your new ward.

howellblog said...

DANG! I think Mike wishes he was in your ward after seeing that!

Morgen said...

hahahaha!!!! its all fun and games until someone get kissed in the eye!!